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Meadow Creek HOA Projects

Meadow Creek alley august 2020.jpg

Alley Sealing

In the summer of 2020 the Meadow Creek HOA contracted to have all the alleys withing the subdivision re-sealed.  Each alley was cleaned of debris, cracks were filled and a top coat was applied.

Storm Water Pond on S. 30th

The Meadow Creek HOA is responsible for the maintenance of the storm water ponds and ditches within the subdivision.  This summer (2020) extensive dredging and removal of overgrowth was performed on this large pond.  Care was taken to maintain as many trees as possible.


In 2016 the Meadow Creek HOA homeowners responded enthusiastically to a proposal to construct playground equipment in Meadow Creek Park (formerly Ainsworth Park).  The playground consists of swings, climbing apparatus, slides and a jungle gym, as well as a bench for parents and caregivers.  An irrigation system was installed in the fall of 2017 to water the grass around the area and the new shade trees that will be planted in spring 2018.  A picnic table is on order and new mulch we be added as needed.  Improvements to the playground area are now funded by design review fees.

Trail Repair and Restoration

In the spring of 2017 major repair and restoration work was completed on a portion of the Meadow Creek trail system.  Originally constructed in 2007, much of the fine base was lost or damaged due to erosion and home construction.  As the subdivision continues to build out and homes on lots adjacent to the trail system are finished, additional trails will be restored.

Meadow Creek sign 2018.jpg
Meadow Creek Sign

In 2017 the Meadow Creek sign area received a much needed face lift.  The sign was repainted, a new stone wall and planting bed was constructed.  Overgrown shrubs, weeds and trees were removed.  New Aspen trees were planted, irrigation was improved and new plants will be installed in the spring of 2018.

Concrete Sidewalks

In 2017 concrete sidewalks were installed in two common areas, linking existing sidewalks and trails.  The ground was leveled and seed was planted on the Golden Sun work area (as there is no irrigation there) and sod was planted on S. 27th where a sprinkler system existed.

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