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Meadow Creek 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

Hope Lutheran Church
Call to order: 6:02pm

Quorum was met. 11 proxies and 34 lots represented. (15% of 188 needed)

Bruce Parker, current Board President, started the meeting with a plea for Board volunteers. Meetings will be held quarterly, they usually last about an hour, most of the work is done by email correspondence, terms are for 2 years.

Bruce introduced the current Board members: Mary Schlosser (Treasurer), Reid McKinley (Vice President-not in attendance), Gerry Lang (Secretary), and Mark Koscinski (Member at Large).

2018 Annual Meeting minutes with one minor change on page 2 were approved unanimously.

President’s Report (Bruce Parker):

At the end of 2018 there was a change in management from Luna Properties to Legacy Properties.
There are several storm water areas within the HOA. Mark K. was the most active in keeping on top of the maintenance of these areas. There is a reserve fund set aside for the storm water areas. A portion of these expenses is shared with the ESEA (current area of condos and townhomes to the north east of the subdivision). Keeping the drains and culverts clear and retention ponds clear of debris is the goal of the Board. Currently the pond at 30th and Kirk needs some care. The City of Bozeman will be doing an assessment and passing that on to the Board with the list of items needed to be done to get the pond up and running correctly.

Noxious weeds are also a priority. Vacant lots are sprayed and mowed at the owner’s expense during the summer. There has also been a concern with the area to the east of Parkway, between Meadow Creek and Southbridge HOA. Bruce, Mary, and Legacy did a walk around with the current spray vendor, Advantage Landcare, and showed them some areas of concern including that area between Meadow Creek and Southbridge. It was agreed that they would do a strip out about 30 feet to cover that area, to give the HOA some sort of buffer. It was noted by a resident that the area at the corner of the park that used to be wildflowers is now full of thistle. This is something that can be addressed next spring/summer.

Streetlights also have a separate reserve account. The HOA is responsible for the repairs of these lights and sometimes the repairs can be costly. Tyler Electric is the vendor the HOA uses for the repairs.

The Landscape and Trails committee did quite down a bit this past year. Mary S. would like to join that committee and get things going again. If any residents are interested in being on this committee, please email Legacy Properties.

The Parks Committee is still active. Steve Weichman is the current chair of that committee. This past year a picnic table was added, trees, and fresh woodchips.

Design Review Board members include Martha Koscinski, Gerry Lang, and Dave Johnston. There are 6 vacant lots left. Owners still need to submit for any kind of exterior changes, including, but not limited to, color changes, outbuildings, and additions. DRB website is located at:

Trails are always being maintained. Please remember that heavy equipment is not allowed to be driven on the trails. If damage is caused, the owner of the lot will be responsible for paying for the repairs.

Just a reminder regarding snow removal, snow on the sidewalks needs to be removed within 24 hours according to the city ordinance

HOA communications can go through Legacy Properties at or the website at

2020 Budget and Financials (Mary Schlosser): Currently the HOA has 6 bank accounts. Current balances in those accounts are as follows:

Operating: $27589.12
Reserve/Savings: $48116.76
Playground (design fees go here): $3748.62
Storm Water: $23970.42
Streetlight: $6244.91
Performance Bond: $2000

2020 budget was presented along with the year to date actuals for 2019. ADU properties that rent out the ADU also pay an additional annual assessment. The insurance premium was paid for 2 years. The snow removal cost did increase some. Mary did increase the reserve amount for the storm water. A new fund has been added, alley and sidewalk maintenance reserve. The HOA needs to maintain the alleys, common area sidewalks, and the concrete ends out of the alleys. The Board was good with a 2% increase on dues for 2020, this would set the annual assessment at $360. There was a request from a resident to look at ground squirrel control in 2020. The proposed 2020 budget was unanimously approved by the membership.

Board Election: At this time only one person had stepped up to be a candidate for the Board. Tobie Laskowski. 3 members are stepping down or their terms are up, Mary, Gerry, and Reid. 2 residents did volunteer to fill the other 2 positions. Ralph Sweet and David Parker. The 3 candidates were unanimously approved by the membership.

Open Floor:
One member asked if there would be any interest in a clean up day in the spring for the HOA. A dumpster could be rented. There did seem to be enough interest in pursuing the project.

There was a question if anyone was aware if Blackwood would eventually go all the way through to 19th. This will most likely depend on what happens with the property it crosses between Southbridge and Meadow Creek.

One resident would like to know if there is a possibility for the trails to be plowed in the winter. The Board stated that having the plowed could cause some damage to the gravel trails.

There was some discussion regarding the new development going into the north of Meadow Creek. It was stated that 150-175 homes will be built there, and they will be using Graf Street as their main entrance. This could pose to be an issue with residents near that area.

A complaint was given regarding people parking on both sides of Enterprise outside of the condos. Unfortunately, the HOA cannot do anything about that. The Board suggested complaining to the city.


Meeting adjourned: 7:10pm

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