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DRB Plan Requirements

Scaled drawings must be attached, including a Site and Landscaping Plan, Floor Plans, Four Elevations, and a Building Section. Exterior Finish Information must be provided for all buildings and fences by providing the information requested using the link on this page. Additionally, the DRB may require a material and color board to adequately represent the proposed materials and colors for the home. Further, in addition to meeting the design requirements of the Meadow Creek Covenants, plans shall meet the minimum requirement of the City of Bozeman residential plan submission. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed and may require additional fees for processing. Builders should be familiar with and follow all requirements found in the Meadow Creek Design Review Guidelines and Regulations which is Appendix E of the Meadow Creek Covenants. Additional design requirements are found in the Supplements to the Meadow Creek Covenants. 

Minimum Drawings Required: 


  • Site Plan (1" = 50' scale or larger) showing: North arrow.

  • Property lines and setback lines with dimensions.

  • Building footprints with entry area delineated and overhangs shown as dashed lines.

  • Garden walls, fence lines, location, height and material quality of retaining walls.

  • Parking and drive areas. Must meet City of Bozeman current UDO.

  • Garbage enclosures, size, details and materials. Must meet City of Bozeman current UDO.

  • Location of streets

  • Grade on all homes shall meet minimum City of Bozeman requirements: slope grade away from foundation a minimum of six inches (6") in first ten feet (10') or five percent (5%) if ten feet (10') is not available. Location, dimensions and materials for walks and drives must be specified.

  • Exterior light locations and type. (Must meet UDO and covenant guidelines).

  • Floor Plans (1/8" = 1'0" scale or larger) showing: Foundation plan dimensioned. T.O. Wall in reference to elevation level. Room use labeled and rooms dimensioned. Wall, window and door openings dimensioned. Exterior walls dimensioned. All overhangs of floors and roofs as dashed lines. Gross square footage, (and square footage per floor).

  • Elevations & Sections showing: (1/8" = 1'0" scale or larger) All Elevations as required by the City of Bozeman and necessary Sections. Street Elevation with minimum 1/4" = 1'0". Height of chimney as compared to ridge line of roof must be shown.

  • Electrical and natural gas service areas, depict size and location. These services shall be screened from street.

  • Exterior materials and finishes (walls, roofing, trim, chimney, windows and doors). Colors shall be submitted on a separate form indicating both colors and materials.

  • Landscape Plan or Description: Must meet City of Bozeman current UDO and Meadow Creek landscape requirements. General landscape plans, including islands, fencing or retaining walls, and location of trees and shrubbery.

  • Material samples may be required by DRB, including siding and trim samples with actual color applied.

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