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Meadow Creek Homeowners Association First Membership Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 6:43 pm, Thursday, November 21, 2013, in room 123 at Hope Lutheran Church by Shannon Weber (SW) of Luna Properties.


SW announced that the first order of business was the counting of roll and the certifying of the proxies. Upon its completion, it was determined by SW that the quorum needed of 68 was not met so nothing could be officially voted on at the meeting. Kevin Thane (KT) then questioned the number of units that were used to count the quorum and he said he figured it was 176 with the inclusion of Platinum Ridge.


SW tried to explain that Luna Properties did have the correct count of units and referred to the letter and chart produced in 2009. KT persisted and it was decided by the attendees that the amount of people in attendance along with the proxies would be enough to vote in the officers for the HOA.


The meeting then moved on and control of the floor was given to Trevor McSpadden (TM) to go over the involvement of Rocky Mountain bank in the subdivision along with financials that were compiled by Anderson ZurMuehlan. TM explained the punch list that the bank had with the city and that the only item left to be finished on the list was to reseed a trail corridor. There was a bond being held by the city until this is completed. There was concern from property owners that if the HOA took over Meadow Creek that the bank would be off the hook for anything else. TM explained this is not the case, and once that last item on the list is complete the bank will be done with what was required of them. TM also stated that the bank did go above and beyond on some items and we should all take that into consideration.


The financial report from AZ was showing the current dues structure along with how it would help to increase the dues to be able to cover future expenses.


The floor was turned over to SW and a count of the ballots took place and the following members were elected to the board: Bill Erickson, Kevin Thane, and Sarah Wilson It was suggested by KT that Meadow Creek bump up the number of members on the board to 5 since the association is large and new. This would also allow for Platinum Ridge condos to have a representative on the board. This then brought up the topic of Block 2.


TM took over the floor to explain that a clerical error was made by the city and it was in the process of being cleaned up now. Block 2 will be assessed dues the same as the rest of the owners and were notified of the meeting and no response was made from any representative about the meeting.


The floor was then taken over by SW to go over the budget. SW proceeded to explain the costs involved in running the HOA. Comments were taken regarding the tree maintenance and snow removal as the city really does not do anything to help even though it is paid for in their property taxes. The budget was not voted on at this time.


Further comments were made and discussed regarding the parks and the well that was put in to aid in the irrigation of the median. The new board decided they would like to have time to go over some things and then possibly reconvene in a month or so to plan another full association meeting.


There being no further new business to be discussed the meeting was adjourned at 8 pm by SW.

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