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Fence Review Submission Guidelines


Fence review requests must be submitted by completing the form below and returned with a $50 fence review fee to Kathy Thorson, c/o Legacy Properties,  288 West Haley Springs,, Suite 2B, Bozeman, MT 50718.  


Fencing plans must include the following:

1. The address of the house, and the lot number and block number on which the house is located.

2. Name and contact information for the entity that will be building the fence including phone number and email address.

3. A drawing showing property lines for the lot on which the fence will be constructed with the approximate outline of the house (not just a box) shown on the drawing with its correct location and orientation relative to the property lines.

-- The location of the fence on the lot must be shown in relation to the house and property lines.

-- Dimensions for the exterior of the house, property lines, and the dimensions for the fence including the location of any gate(s) must be shown on the drawing.

-- Dimensions showing the distance from the nearest corner of the house to the point where the fence connects with the house must be shown for each endpoint of the fence.

-- The drawing must include a north arrow and the name and location of the street(s) and location of any alley bordering the lot. 4.


The color of the fence and the type of material that will be used to construct it.


PLEASE NOTE: Fences may not extend past the midpoint of the house.


Fences for lots on 26th Avenue may not exceed 4 feet in height.


Fences on the west side of S. 26th Avenue must have a gate opening on to 27th Avenue.



● Maximum fence height is five feet (5'). Maximum height for fences in corner side yards shall be five feet (5'). EXCEPTION: Fences for lots on 26th Avenue may not exceed 4 feet (4’) in height. Fences on the West side of 26th Avenue must have a gate opening on to 27th Avenue.

● No fences are allowed in required vehicle vision triangles, and the maximum height of landscaping in required vehicle vision triangles is thirty inches (30").

● No fences are allowed in front yards.

● Rear yard fencing cannot extend past the mid-point of the residence and garage.

● Any fence or wall constructed so as to have only one elevation "finished," which shall be defined as not having its supporting members significantly visible, shall be erected such that the finished elevation of the fence is exposed to the adjacent property and street.

● Fence design, finish, color and location must be approved by the DRB.

Fencing shall be maintained in good condition, properly stained and in good repair.

● In general, kennels are discouraged in favor of the "invisible fence" system. Kennels or dog runs must be placed within the area allowable for rear yard fencing. Kennels shall be integrated into the dwelling (attached) to avoid isolation and to provide as much aesthetic appeal as possible. Kennels shall not be higher than five (5) feet in height (except on S. 26th Avenue as stated above) and must be built using the same materials as Privacy Screening and Fencing. No kennel or dog run may be placed closer than 20 feet to any dwelling other than that of the Owner of the kennel. Pet houses must be compatible with the Lot Owner's house in color and material and must be located where they will be visually unobtrusive and will have the least impact on neighbors for visibility, noise and smell. Generally, this means away from shared property lines. All kennels and dog runs must be approved by the DRB.

Design Review Application

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