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Meadow Creek HOA

2023 Annual Meeting Minutes Draft

January 25, 2024


Meeting Called to Order at 6:04pm

Quorum Met (29)


Board introduction: Dick Naumann, Sam Thompson, Devon Orme and Krista Pancich


2022 Annual Meeting Minutes were unanimously approved.


HOA Board and Project Update: Sam shared a recap of the projects that were completed in Meadow Creek this past year. The largest project was the planting of 22 trees and 14 shrubs in the HOA. 5 of the trees were planted in the park by the City of Bozeman Cost Share program, and the rest along the trails by Hillside Nursery. In order to maintain the trees, Staygreen installed temporary irrigation to the trees so that watering bags are not required. Additionally, Staygreen installed irrigation to the southern portion of the park. The goal of this was to meet homeowners’ request of getting the grass in the park softer to a better usable space.


Additionally, one new piece of playground equipment was added with approval by the City of Bozeman. Due to space constraints, we were unable to add any other equipment to the existing playground space. Lastly, the City of Bozeman pruned the trees in the boulevards along Parkway and Kurk. This can be done by the City of Bozeman at a homeowner’s request, if owners need their boulevard trees pruned.


Drought Tolerant Landscaping: Devon recapped the drought tolerant landscaping discussion that occurred at last year's meeting. She acknowledged that the board reviewed the covenants and that in order to change the covenants, it would have to be a communal effort. The board cannot change the covenants without a 75% vote approval from all homeowners. This would need to be a project for community members to take on, not just the Board of Directors. Additionally, she shared insight to the resources the City of Bozeman offers regarding smart planting and water usage. The City of Bozeman website offers great recommendations and information on the rebate program for owners who may be interested.


Financial Report: The financial report was presented by Sam and the 2024 budget was shared with the homeowners. The total budgeted operating income from dues and misc income for Meadow Creek is $69,820. There are currently 4 ADU units in Meadow Creek bringing in a total of $1,440.00 in income each year from Association Dues. The total budgeted expenses are $66,616.00 which will allow for roughly $3,200 to be put into reserves. Majority of the budget expenses are common area maintenance. This includes dog waste station clean up, weed and feed which increased from 2023, trail maintenance and mowing. In 2024 we plan to resurface the trail which will use $2,000 of the budget amount for trails. The snow removal budget for 2024 has increased, we are now budgeted $23,000 a year on snow removal. 2023 was a heavy snowfall year so we were over budget by about $8,000. We also have stormwater and streetlight maintenance budgeted. There is an ESEA contribution of 50% from surrounding apartments for both stormwater and street lights. Meadow Creek pays for a well on S 27th, this waters the common areas. The city of Bozeman pays for watering for the park. Additionally, there are a few street lights the association is responsible for maintenance and power costs.


Capital improvements for 2023 included $11,000 to purchase and plant trees in the common areas, $14,000 to add more irrigation to the park and to irrigate the new trees and $2,300 to install a new piece of park equipment.


The 2024 budget was unanimously approved.


Common Area Maintenance Discussion:


A homeowner suggested placing coverage around the bottom of the new trees to prevent vols from destroying them. The board agreed that it was a good idea and they will get together to discuss getting protection added. A long discussion was had amongst members regarding vols and mitigation. Unfortunately, S 30th was hit very hard with vols in 2023 and many peoples trees were destroyed. Terry shared his knowledge regarding bate stations and encouraged neighbors to reach out to him if they had questions.


Additionally, it was suggested to the board and Legacy to use Cashmans for future tree needs. They offer bare root trees that are a more affordable option for the HOA when purchasing new trees. The board agreed to look into this option for future tree projects.


Morrison Landscaping is the current snow vendor for Meadow Creek. A few members noted that they have been plowing later than usual and an alley was missed. Haylee with Legacy will reach out to them directly.


Board of Directors Election:


The Board of Directors currently has 3 open seats. Krista Panich and Sam Thompson are running for another term, to fill 2 of the seats. Both Krista and Sam shared a brief bio about themselves. If anyone is interested in the remaining vacant board seat, they are encouraged to reach out to Legacy for more information.


Open Discussion:


The development to the east of Parkway is possibly happening. Devon did some research on this potential project. As of now, nothing is proposed to the City of Bozeman yet. This project would be between Parkway and Southbridge. According to the vendor on site, it may be single family homes. This project is in the very early stages. Members are encouraged to check the city’s website for further details and updates.


Buffalo Run has plans to have a dog park and basketball court. It is assumed that it will be maintained by the City of Bozeman.


Gran Cielo II update was going to be given by Brad, but he is unable to attend tonight.


A request by a homeowner was made to the board regarding asking the Bozeman Police Department to patrol the neighborhood more frequently. The board will discuss some options at the next meeting.


Meeting Adjourned: 7:10 pm

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