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Landscape Review Submission Guidelines


Prior to submitting a request for a landscape review, please read the Meadow Creek Design Review Information.


Landscape review requests must be submitted to Kathy Thorson at Legacy Properties.  The Landscape Review fee of $50 must be paid prior to approval of any plan.  Please send the $50 fee to Meadow Creek HOA, c/o Legacy Properties, 288 West Haley Spring, Suite 2B, Bozeman, MT 59718.  

Landscape plans must include a map of the lot showing the following:


1. Property lines for the lot on which the landscaping will be done


2. The outline of the house on the lot and its correct location and orientation relative to the property lines


3. The dimensions for the exterior of the house and the lot boundaries


4. The location of all trees, shrubs, mulch beds, retaining walls, and any other landscaping features for the lot as well as the common name of all trees and shrubs being used, including boulevard trees.


5. A north arrow


6. The name and location of the street(s) and location of any alley bordering the lot


7. The address of the house and the lot and block on which the house is located


8. Name and contact information for the entity that will be doing the landscaping.


9. Note that four trees (rather than six as stated in the covenants) are required on each lot, in addition to boulevard trees. Evergreen trees are no longer required.

Design Review Application

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