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Meadow Creek 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes


7pm | Via Zoom


Call to order: 7:01pm

Quorum was met.  21 proxies and 33 lots represented on the call. (15% of 188 needed)

Bruce Parker, current Board President, welcomed everyone for attending.

2019 Annual Meeting minutes approved unanimously.

President’s Report (Bruce Parker):  Bruce went over projects that were completed in 2020. 

The storm water area in the park on South 30th was rehabbed.  The City of Bozeman had presented the Board with a report that included what needed to be done to the pond to get it to the correct condition.  The Board hired Montana Ponds to do the work, cost was $10,145.50.  This was taken from the storm water reserve account.

Alleys were sealed in the subdivision by Apex.  Cost was $14,840 and was taken from the regular reserve account.  This is generally done every 5 years or so.  The Board is also looking at repairing some cracked concrete at the end of some of the alleys.

The City of Bozeman was in the process of taking over the lighting district in Meadow Creek earlier in 2020.  Because of Covid19 this was put on pause, but the City will continue forward once it is back on their radar.  This district would include all the multi family units on Enterprise and Southbridge HOA.  This would eliminate the need to have a streetlight reserve account and billing to the ESEA for the streetlight portion would cease.

The questions of updating the covenants has again been brought to the Boards attention.  This would require a committee to be put in place and is a very large undertaking.  To change the covenants, it would require 75% approval of all the lots in the subdivision.  The Board will be asking for volunteers in 2021 to start the process.

The 20 acres to the west of the HOA is currently being looked at for a large new subdivision.  This area is currently zoned R5.  There will be public notices for hearings regarding this development posted and mailed to the adjacent homeowners.

Welcome Committee (Steve Krezminski): The Board has resurrected the welcome committee.  Currently Steve and one other owner are on the committee and have presented the Board with ideas on how they would like to proceed.  Ideas include a small gift such as local caramels, a welcome packet with general contacts for vendors (trash, cable, etc.), contacts for Legacy, restaurants and store recommendations. If you are interested, please email Kathi at Legacy Properties.

Trash Cans (Ralph Sweet): Earlier this year there had been evidence of black bears in the area that prompted the Board to start to enforce the covenant that states trash cans cannot be out the night before collection.  The main reason for this is ultimately to not attract unwanted wildlife in the area.  There was some push back from the community, but volunteers have been doing drive thrus on the night before collection dates and those lists have been getting sent to Legacy Properties for notices.

Survey Results (David Parker): A community survey was sent out earlier in the year that was motivated by the pending development to the West of the HOA.  100 families did respond to the survey. 93% of these families listed their Meadow Creek address was their primary home. The new development will be required to install a park and the City has mentioned the intent to have the new park border the existing park on South 30th.  72% of the residents that responded were for a basketball court with no additional cost to the HOA and owners.  58% were not for the court if there would be additional costs incurred by the HOA.  Other issues were brought up in the comments section of the survey.  Majority of those responses were geared toward environmental issues-green space, trails, and water conservation.  The second group of responses were concerned about enforcing the covenants, lawn care, parking problems, and updating the covenants.  The third group of responses were focused on recreation-playground, basketball and tennis courts, picnic tables. There were a handful of responses regarding boulevard trees, less covenant enforcement, and the unfinished home. 

Storm Retention Areas (Mark Koscinski): There are several storm water areas within the HOA.  Mark K. was the most active in keeping on top of the maintenance of these areas.  There is a reserve fund set aside for the storm water areas.  A portion of these expenses is shared with the ESEA (current area of condos and townhomes to the north east of the subdivision).  Keeping the drains and culverts clear and retention ponds clear of debris is the goal of the Board.  The area on South 30th was addressed this year.  The new development on Enterprise was required to increase the storm drainage area at that location.  The developer did the update at no cost to Meadow Creek.

2021 Budget and 2020 Financials (Kathi Thorson): Currently the HOA has 6 bank accounts.  Current balances in those accounts are as follows:

Operating: $27,253.76

Reserve/Savings: $58,172.67

Playground: $5,298.62

Storm Water: $14,074.92

Streetlight: $5,614.91

Performance Bond: $5000

Sidewalk/Alley Concrete: $4,170

2021 budget was presented along with the year to date actuals for 2020. ADU properties that rent out the ADU also pay an additional annual assessment.  Fees are to remain the same as 2020.  $250 has been allocated for the welcome committee.  Ground squirrel control line item was increased, Fertilization and weed control line item was increased because of some additional areas that are now being treated for noxious weeds.  Kevin Thane was concerned that there was not a City tree/street tax in the proposed budget.  Legacy had reached out to the City and it was confirmed that there is not an invoice for the City tree/street tax for Meadow Creek at this time and is not anticipated for the future. 2021 budget was approved by the members.

Board Election: There are 2 positions open for reelection.  Mark Koscinski is not wanting to run again. THANK YOU, MARK!! 2 members stepped up for the ballot, Bruce Parker and Matt Hausauer. The 2 candidates were unanimously approved by the membership. 

Open Floor:

Tanya Andreasen wanted to be sure the Board is mindful of water conservation when looking at updating the covenants.  She also asked if drafts of the updates will be posted on the website for community input.

Kevin Thane was concerned about the City taking over the streetlights and how that would affect the ESEA.  As far as the Board is concerned, if the HOA does not have to take care of the streetlights there should be no reason to have the ESEA billed for a streetlight assessment.

Steve Wiechmann is the current chair of the playground committee and at this time no additional work has been planned. 

A universal thank you from the membership to the Board for all their hard work!  


Meeting adjourned: 7:59pm

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