Meadow Creek Board Meeting Minutes


Legacy Conference Room

Call to order: 6:00pm

In attendance: Bruce Parker, Dick Naumann, Sam Thompson, Krista Pancich, and Kathi Thorson (lp).


Meeting minutes from the 1.27.2022 Board meeting were unanimously approved with a spelling correction.


Financials were reviewed. Total amount in the operating and savings accounts as of the end of March 2022 is $177,513.26. YTD income is $57,861.15. YTD expenses are $15,289.47 leaving a total net income of $42,571.68. One owner owes for 2 years, and the Board approved for them to be sent to collections. Two other owners are already in collections. The Board approved to send one final letter giving them 30 days to pay or the Board would move forward with the foreclosure process.


New Board Members: The Board has not had any luck appointing their 5th member. Individuals have been contacted and at least 2 emails have been sent out. Krista knows of a couple of people that she will reach out to. The Board thought that at a clean up day they could drum up some interest by talking to neighbors.


Clean Up Day: Legacy will look up when the next City cleanup day. Board would like to try to get the community involved. *There is a clean up “week” this year. April 23rd through the 30th. Supplies can be picked up on the 23rd. Legacy is awaiting Board approval to send out a notice regarding the 30th .


Attorney: The Board would like to move forward with a letter that was recommended by the new attorney for an ongoing issue that the Board has been dealing with.


Concrete: There are 2 areas at the end of alleys, the most severely cracked concrete areas, which will be removed and replaced. Currently it is scheduled to take place the week after next. Trash companies have been notified and the hope is to have the work done in between the two different trash days.


Variance Request: 3737 S 26th has submitted a variance request to do a xeriscape plan for their front lawn and boulevards. The DRB is typically the entity to grant variances. They have asked the Board for their opinion. The Board discussed and understood the want for this kind of landscape. With the drought Bozeman was in last year there is sure to be more years that are similar in the future. Currently the covenants would not allow the proposed plan. There is not enough green space. The Board would like to ask the DRB if there would be any sort of compromise they would approve. The Board was neutral on the subject. They do plan on sending out more information regarding water conservation that the City provides to residents. The Board was also interested in having the City Drought Manager do a presentation at the Annual Meeting.


Short Term Rentals: A number of short-term rentals have been popping up around the neighborhood. Legacy does have a list and will send notices to each owner. Follow up will take place and fines could be assessed.


Open Floor: There is a vinyl fence going in on the property at the corner of Meah and 30th . It is the type of vinyl that was allowed by a variance at a previous residence. It is unclear if this owner had submitted a plan to the DRB for approval. Legacy will do some research and if nothing was submitted a notice will be sent for noncompliance.


There is also another large house on 30th next to the trail that has a fence going in, the Board would like to make sure that was approved as well.


There was some concern by some community members regarding a property to the north of Meadow Creek and East of Gran Ciello. No plans have been formally submitted as of today, but there has been some movement going on the property. Residents were most concerned about trees being removed. There are a number of trees that are in the southwest corner of the property along the ditches that are home to wildlife. Legacy will send out an email to the developer to ask if there are plans to keep any of the trees. *Email was sent to developer. It has been noticed that there is some tree deadfall in Ainsworth Park. Legacy will email the City to come and remove the debris. *Legacy has emailed the City.


Meeting adjourned: 7:35pm

Meadow Creek Board Meeting Minutes


Legacy Conference Room | 5:30pm


Call to order: 5:35pm


In attendance: Bruce Parker, Dick Naumann, Sam Thompson, Christa Pancich, and Kathi Thorson (lp).

Meeting minutes from the 12.13.2021 Board meeting were unanimously approved.


Financials were reviewed. Total amount in the operating and savings accounts as of the end of 2021 is $138,299.02. Total year end income is $69,591.12. 2021 expenses are $44,164.53 leaving a total gross income of $25,426.59. $15,000 was approved by the Board to transfer into savings for the year end reserve. *Was transferred on 2.15.2022. All of the ESEA accounts have been invoiced. There were 4 owners that had not paid for 2021 dues or 2020 dues. Those owners have been liened and two have been sent to collections.


New Board Member: Christa Pancich was appointed onto the Board and took on the position as Treasurer. One other Board member has listed their home for sale and will be stepping down when it sells. The current Board does have a few more names on their list to contact. *Legacy has sent an email to the first name on the list.


Attorney: The new HOA attorney is reviewing the current legal issue with 3390 Parkway. *Attorney has sent his legal opinion to the Board. Board is reviewing.


Snow Removal: It seems as if the vendor may be missing some common area sidewalks. Legacy will swing through after the next snowstorm to check out areas. *Drive through will happen on February 16th after the snowstorm on the 15th.


Concrete: There are some areas at the ends of the alleys that could be replaced. The Board has reviewed a map and indicated the ones in most need of being worked on. Legacy is working on getting a contractor in place. *Legacy has reached out to 4 different vendors with no luck finding anyone that is taking on this kind of work. More names have been suggested and are being contacted.


DRB: Legacy will reach out to the committee to see if they would like to set up a time to meet with Martha Koscinski to go over procedures and get a better understanding of the DRB process. There is currently a website that owners submit their requests through, and the committee can communicate through. *Legacy has emailed the DRB and Martha for interest and scheduling.


Open Floor: Board would like to contact the city again about the fallen cottonwoods in the median. In the past the city has opted not to do any sort of clean up unless they are across the street or posing some sort of danger.


Board would like a reminder email sent out regarding snow removal on personal sidewalks and give contact information for the City of Bozeman to report any issues and sidewalks that are not cleared. *Sent out 2.15.


Next Board meeting tentatively scheduled for April 14th at 12pm.

Meeting adjourned: 6.47pm