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A little history

In 2006 a group of developers formed Meadow Creek Partners with a plan to develop the Meadow Creek Subdivision on farm and ranch land formerly owned by the Boylans, Kurks, Millers and Finks.  The City of Bozeman incorporated the land into the City.  Meadow Creek Phase I included two parks, walking trails and common areas, and 14 residential blocks consisting of multi-family and single family homes.  The original subdivision had seven different "lot types" -- single family homes; single family homes with Accessory Dwelling Units, Duplex lots, Triplex lots, Fourplex lots, "RSL" Restricted size lots and Residential High Density Lots.  If all those units had been built as "proposed", there would have been approximately 550 living units in Meadow Creek--and that was just Phase I.  Phase II was going to include the area east of Meadow Creek (now Southbridge).   

Infrastructure was installed (including those "goose-neck lights on S. 19th) and the first few homes were constructed in 2009.  Shortly thereafter, the economy took a downturn, building ceased and the original developer filed bankruptcy.

By 2010 a new group of real estate partners gained ownership of the remaining unsold lots in Meadow Creek and new Covenants were filed with the County.

Slowly, homes were built on the vacant lots and Meadow Creek sprang to life once again.

In 2013 Block 4 (located at Graf, Golden Sun and S. 27th) designated for 29 high density units was re-subdivided into ten single family lots.  In 2014 portions of Blocks 5 and 9 (running from the northeast corner of Golden Sun and south to Meah) and designated for 121 units was re-subdivided into 42 single family lots.  These are the homes now located on S. 26th.

In the summer of 2016 the Meadow Creek playground was installed on the southwest corner of Meadow Creek Park (formerly Ainsworth Park).  The play equipment was purchased by the Meadow Creek HOA by means of a special assessment. 

In September of 2017, Blocks 1, 2 and 3 (designated for high density) were removed from the Meadow Creek HOA.

Meadow Creek currently consists of 186 lots--most of which are single family homes.  There is a 3-unit Condominium complex on the corner of S. 27th and Meah and there is one vacant lot designated for a four-plex building on the southeast side  S. 27th.  As of January 2020 there are 188 voting interests.  

The Meadow Creek HOA is managed by Legacy Properties.  There are currently five volunteer members on the Board of Directors.  The Board meets approximately every 6 weeks and the Annual Meeting of HOA owners is held in November.

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